The poetic and picturesque feeling brought by the Chinese style flower rack is the scene of flowers blooming on the flower rack when the weather is fine and sunny. The sun shines on each small flower, which makes the bright and beautiful flowers appear more delicate; the sun shines on each leaf, which makes the green leaves appear more blurred and vivid. At this time, you will surely go to the flower rack and appreciate every petal and leaf with your heart.

The poetic charm brought by Chinese style flower rack is that on a sunny afternoon, although the sun is high in the sky, which brings the earth the feeling of scorching sun like fire, around the flower rack, you can see many kinds of butterflies and bees busy collecting honey. At this time, your thoughts may turn to your long childhood, as if you were on the roadside or in the field I have seen such a “scenery”, so familiar, so nostalgic.

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